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Friday, 29 February 2008

Often people ask me, "Mr. Brain Guy, what do you do in your spare time?"

Simple... I like to wreck my car, then figure out how to fix it.

Explanation: Last November I repainted my 21 year old Honda Civic
Hatchback. I was so happy and proud of my work.

Then a month later, I slid on the ice into a person and their lovely
SUV that they had decided to stop in the middle of a main

- all without having their foot on the brake so I could
see that they had stopped.

You see, the car in front of them had stopped to allow two jaywalkers
to cross in the middle of the block. How nice.

I slid on black ice, into their car, the car in front of them that
stopped for the jaywalkers quickly sped away, unscathed, and the car I
hit, slammed into a parked car-- belonging to the jaywalkers.

Well, everybody was actually pretty civilized about it, and I managed
to drive home. None the less, my car was essentially totally wrecked-
you can't do much damage to a 21 year old car without the insurance
company just kissing it off completely for a couple hundred bucks.

Anyway--- I wondered at first "UH, dumb. Why was my brain clicked off
so that I let this happen?!?"

Yes.... answer?


A mistake, that in the big picture-- is no mistake at all.

Typically called "The Silver Lining".

After decades of Brain Self-Control, I've discovered this interesting
thing--- if you can click forward-- you will see that there are
nothing but Cosmic Corrections-- everything indeed, has a silver
lining if you can manage to see beyond your reptilian brain ego, your
limited paleo-mammalian emotions.

The universe has this interesting NEUTRAL thing about it-- you can
take any old rotten thing, and judo flip it into a miracle.

And so--

Wrecking my car became a fantastic oportunity to share my knowledge
about car painting and repair-- and to show, even when things look
dreadful, you might just end up with something better than when you
started--- and so it was with my Honda



At 09:20 AM 2/28/2008, alan k. wrote:

Neil, no reply required - I purchased a DVD player for my computer and
wow, there is so much information on this cd it's incredible. I only
hope that I can utilize this information to change my life and become
more creative and to have a brain pop. you are very talented and must
be intelligent as hell. thanks again and again Alan


Brain Goodies for YOU~!

Later Brain Pioneers!

Posted by neilsladebrain at 11:42 PM MST
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